Operation Concrete

Lots going on, lots to implement and think about, lots to scratch at and tickle, lots to render down and understand, just lots of things. Last week should have been more eventful than it was, but certain messages that were meant to be delivered weren't and thus a lot of anxiety was pointless, wasted adrenaline and too much uneeded running.

So, looks like next week will be the week, I'll find everything I need to know, be able to announce a couple of very awesome things, then figure out some proper content for here rather than these starred inpsiration posts, which, whilst I enjoy doing them and creating a bit of a digital thought board, don't really help me achieve what i wanted to do with this blog when I renamed it 'Cementum - The Creative'. Right, some aceness is below, check it, be creative.

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.