Operation Concrete

The second chapter of the book is basically one gigantic speech. Four thousand words of power, moving forward with speed, explaining the past, present and what a special group of people are due to achieve in the future. The only previous experience I’ve had with speech writing was when I was 14. I wrote for a spoken word competition, and put together a speech I called, ‘The downfall of Great Britain due to Vegetarianism: A critical look a potential laws’. When I read it out in front of my school and a hundred or so parents and teachers, it certainly caused a reaction. Which is what I was looking for with chapter two.

This was one of the most exciting parts of the book I’ve written so far. I loved reading through great speeches by figure heads of power from General Patton to Winston Churchill back to Abraham Lincoln. I took the emotion that they invoked, the raw energy they exhumed and the words they utilized and went about putting my own together.

Step by step like an essay, it came together with a beginning middle and end, and I’m really happy with the results. Here’s a little snippet:

“Fellow Negotiators, I want now to talk on our history, as humans, in a vain effort to finally justify what we are about to do, for where we are about to go, how we got to were we are and ultimately; why we had to take this decision. We are at the foot of frontier, a toe away from the limit, but like the most gracious of explorers we step into the unknown for the good of humanity. Not for glory or distinction, least of all for profit, but to create out of the human spirit something that has never had chance to exist before, through technology and planning we can bring together all of mans greatest achievements and minds, then step forth with pride in knowing we have created perfection. No human being could fail to be deeply moved by such a privilege as this, I know how moved you, my brethren, are and how frustrated you must be at the idea of having to wait so long before we get to see the fruits of our work, but trust me as you trust your hand, time bares little consequence on our minds, you should know this, now believe it."

As always, any comments, thoughts, and tips on speech writing more than welcome

The Aspirers Mark – For today’s post I’ve found Anna Jarzarb from her eponymous blog, she’s a 24 year old novelist in New York, and whilst she doesn’t give much away about her book, it would seem she’s just got an agent and is working on getting it published, so congrats to her.

An interesting post on whether or not writers need to write every day definitely gives off the impression of an interesting Blogger and novelist. Best of luck to her with the future.