Operation Concrete

Those characters, the basic building blocks of the entire novel, creating them, painting a picture of them with words, making them your own and putting them in the heads of the readers, it's all important. Without the brilliant description the character is lifeless, dormant, there's little point in them being there at all without creating a vivid picture of who they are in the readers mind.

I've been doing my damndest, there's actually been very few to draw in the first five chapters, and the way the book is written and the way things are going, I'll probably only have to do another ten or so in the closing six. We'll see though, as always, things can get out of hand and may need reigning in. One of my favourites so far is a uturistic vision of a great man, powerful and old, he is absolutely pivotal to the entire plot of the book. So with that in mind, he needed to stand out, really grab you.

This is one of a few paragraphs that helps draw him in your mind.

"Only his head and hands were visible and veins ridged both of them adding hints of purple and lilac to his temple area and the back of his palms. Keen and upright on his shoulders his neck was thinning but strong, holding his head straight, firm and without fault. His hands were steady, almost scaled with age they were leathery, hard to puncture or split yet soft to the touch. Gripping the podium strongly he had neither weakened nor lost any of his intensity with age. Eyes fired like burning furnaces in Dante’s deepest level of hell combined with pulsating forearms hidden by his robe and baron of hair through age, veins erupting from his skin’s surface and adding to his majestic distinction. He stood proudly, almost shouting at the small yet mesmerized crowd, in the vast hall that echoed with valor, he continued his speech."

As always let me know what you think, let me know of any tips you have for creating a human with words, extremely interested in this one.

Todays Aspiriers Mark goes to Kay Sexton of Writing Neuroses, I'm not entirely sure if she has previously been published, I've just come across her blog, but after some scanning it seems she is going through last revisions to her current novel (I'm in a rush tonight). Also there's an interesting selection of tips and other writing related reading so definitely worth a click. Best of luck to her with her revisions.