Operation Concrete

Inside of Chicago Tribune building

I generally find inspiration in everything, literally everything. I guess you have to be like that when writing, take a look at an object or person, animal, anything, and take something from it, steal part of it for yourself. Always be thinking, always be contemplating, always taking that little twist on each and every thing you see, witness, hear, and making it your own. I love it, life, converting it, grabbing at all that is placed before me, refining it and giving it definition.

Handcock building Chicago

I personally though, for no particular reason, find inspiration in architecture, I love buildings, of any sort. Perhaps it has something to do with my father being an engineer and growing up helping him and my grandad build stuff from a very young age. No idea really. But I love them, how they're constructed, the ins and outs, I always imagine taking a cross-section of of whatever I'm looking at and interpreting its insides.

I inevitably always think about how it would fall down as well, how it could be taken apart, in any way from bare fists to mighty explosions, come full circle as they say. Anyway, it's been a slow night, I've been catching up with things over the last few days, as you may well be able to tell I've been away, Chicago and New York specifically. It's been great, though I didn't actually get much writing done I actually think I figured out how to end the novel, so was I inspired by the might of American capitalism and industry.

United Nations New York

Interesting times! I'll be back soon no doubt with more book information and more inspiring novelists. Just a quick post for tonight about a little inspiration. Also got a few other helpful blogging projects that I'd like to action.