Operation Concrete

This post has now been updated, with a 'Part 2' including further notes on writing about love, 3 years on - HERE

Arh, now, there's a subject, if not THE subject. To end, to beat, to change all other subjects, topics, themes. I'm finding writing about it almost as difficult and pleasurable as the actual experience. Through the fire so to speak.

Love. It's intrinsic to human nature, yet, not everyone has experienced it, it's completely natural but can be the hardest thing to achieve and maintain in the world. It's a rampant hell-bent fucker that takes everything about you, grips with mighty fists and lifts you to its gigantic and unrelenting face, laughing at you with teeth the size of Cadillacs refusing to let go. Not, at least,until it has had its wicked way with you, tipped you over the edge, pulled you back, fingering your soul with penetrating stumps. It can take you to the greatest of heights of pleasure and kill your spirit for untold amounts of time. To write about it, especially given my experience with it, is no easy feat.

The chapter that I'm currently heavily into is where the love interest of the lead protagonist / anti-hero is introduced. Which way to introduce her was the question, how will my protagonist actually fall in love? It can after all, be sparked by anything. I'm sure you'd be hard pushed to think of a reason or action that hasn't previously caused someone to fall in love. But I took the closest thing to me, what has made me love before, and what, no doubt, will be a reason for falling in love again, in some distant future. Without giving to much away; I believe all men have a beast inside, some show that beast more than others, a woman can quell that beast. Her beauty, her heart, her spirit, smile, laugh, face, enduring memory...it all can help. So I took that route, and the chapter is coming on amazingly and more importantly, it fits, it all makes sense, which is a great feeling. There's still plenty to go, I'll give you a snippet soon, but it's not nearly done yet, so for the time being I'll leave you just to comment with your own thoughts on writing about love.

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The aspirers mark. For this entry goes to Isolde of The Life Uncommon, in her own words “The Life Uncommon is following my journey as an aspiring freelance writer/novelist who is trying to transition out of the corporate world into the world of the written word.” Now stuck with that cataclysmic decision all aspiring novelists, and writers trapped in the corporate world, have to ask; do I quit my day job? It's a hard one for sure, go and add your two cents, I know I've personally faced that question a few times on varying levels. Overall, I believe, really nice, well rounded blog with some cool content about writing and life around it, as always for the aspirers mark, I look forward to reading more content from Isolde.