Operation Concrete

When I came into the office this very morning and fired up the old RSS feeds the splendor above sprang out at me and whistled awesomeness as it flooded into my eyes and I knew I had to post these images to kick off the more regular content coming from Cementum.

The work is by Tavis Coburn and is for The BAFTA Awards. In a great call, and clearly knowing what the fans and internet like, they commissioned Tavis, of Dutch Uncle design studios, to create a poster for each of the nominees for best film.

I've come across Tavis's work before, he's an illustrative artist of the highest caliber. Educated at California's Art Centre College of Design his work is inspired by, in his own words, "1940's comic book art, the Russian avant-garde movement and printed materials from the 1950's & 1960's," and you can tell.

It inspired me this morning, the colour, the strong lines across the faces of the subjects and the imagery surrounding as well, the contrast that is typical of the 40's comic book art that inspires him. Love it, made me smile first thing and is great to start things off with. The image for Hurt Locker is below, and the others are in a gallery.