Operation Concrete

This is a post I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, considering all the traveling I’ve been doing with work and such. I got the urge again after a recent Anchored Author post by Tracy, so hopefully this will come in useful to a few people, but also explain how I manage being a completely mobile 'author' (read; aspiring novelist).

It starts with a passion for technology and obviously, writing. I love technology and reading about the latest technology, that's why I always read the best Midas Letter Technology Stock news. I think keeping the rhythm and motivation to write, whilst on the move, can sometimes be quite hard. Self-discipline to keep things keeping on whilst in your comfortable writing environment can sometimes be hard enough, let alone 2 hours on a plane here and 30 minutes in a café there.

But the thoughts are always there you know, if you love what you’re doing, the ideas never stop flowing, so you should never have to stop, if you don’t want to. The technology is available today to be a complete mobile office and be as constructive on a train as you are sat in your house. Here’s how I get along.

Asus EEE PC1. Ultra portable laptop – In my case the Asus EEE - There’s so many incarnations of this available now that I’ll let you go look for yourself. I have the very basic model, it loads up in less than a minute, weighs less than a hardback book and is just as small. The keyboard is fine for touch typing on and the screen is completely legible for long periods of writing.

2. High end mobile – In my case the Nokia N82 – No wifi for your laptop? Use PC suite with the N82 and you have a 3G connection, and complete connectivity. As well as the connectivity, it has a 5mega-pixel xenon flash camera, which is awesome for snapping all over the place, and an in built Dictaphone for taking quick notes.Moleskin

3. Mobile web office – In my case Google docs – Google docs stores all my novel files and literature in one place, accessible anywhere, at any time. I have all the tools I need online, I can even share any documents I want with other people with Google accounts, which is basically everyone.

4. Mole skin – In my case laser engraved personalised notepad – Notes are fundamentally important to keeping things moving. Getting those ideas down anywhere and everywhere you can is absolutely necessary, the good old mole skin does the job every time

5. Pencils – In my case a good old 2HB – Not much point having a mole skin without a steady supply of writing implements. Pencils are great I find and having loads means that you never lose an idea because you’ve got nothing to write it down with.

Sennheiser headphones

6. Headphones – In my case Sennheiser CX300 The beauty of these is that as well as being an amazing set of headphones for listening to music with, if you just want to block out sound, they act as comfortable ear plugs as well, it’s like getting two birds stoned at once. And they’re affordable enough that if you lose them it’s not a massive deal.

Art of war

7. Inspiration – In my case Sun Tzu’s Art of War – I always carry a little book around with me just in case I need to read something to trigger off a memory or creative spark. I find Art of War is great for this, just open a page, read a quote, and get back to the paper.

8. Pen Drive – In my case any 2GB stick I remember – I’ve got loads, but you always need one, they’re convenience is often invaluable for transporting files and just making sure you’ve got a back up of anything super important.

That’s it, 8 things and I’m a completely mobile, self facilitating author, I can work from anywhere at any time, with or without power. I carry my own internet, my own inspiration and ideas everywhere. A bag with this gear in weights about 4LBS (including the weight of your bag) so you’re not restricted by anything really. What’s in your mobile novel station? Do you even have one? Actually, I’m going to try to make this a Meme, so I’ll ping Chris Cocca with this, the meme is; 5 top tools for writing on the move.

This posts Aspiriers Mark belongs to WordVixen from a Quest To Write. A self confessed aspiring freelance writer and novelist, she runs a selection of blogs, but her Quest to Write blog is the one we’re interested in, she’s said she’s a little unmotivated at the moment, so get over and encourage her to keep on. As always, interesting content, good musings, and this time some little competitions as well, so you might even be able to win yourself a book.