Operation Concrete

Since starting the whole Operation Concrete project early last year and heading out on my search of a book designer have I had a growing interest in illustration, design and typography. I always had a bit of interest in the subject, but over the last 12 months my horizons have been opened and I've been introduced to and seduced by some of the best illustration, typography and design I've ever come across.

There's a lot out there at the moment, the Behance network is a trove of awesome design and illustration, but as with every creative genre, there's always people that stick out and impress you, to the point that you need to shout about them. Hence the post.

I first came across Olly Moss's work at the very start of the Operation Concrete project when I was looking for a cover designer. Olly's work has gone viral many times over, and by that I mean the sheer genius of his illustrations have touch and influenced the online illustration and design zeitgiest. I have seen his work and ideas copied and replicated a dozen times over, I'm sure there's no greater accolade.

Then there's Brandon, another one that just sticks out. I think a combination of Brandon and Olly's ideas and creativity are more than enough to get anyone in a creative slump motivated and smiling again and I think this is why I've come to enjoy the illustration genre so much. Quick, wonderfully rendered ideas and creativity, it's perfect for your daily shot of awesomeness. Below is just a tiny sample of some of Olly's and Brandon's work, you need to get on their flickr accounts (Brandon - Olly) right this second to absorb more.