Operation Concrete

My appreciation for photography grows almost daily, blogs like Booooooom and post sites like We heart it and push though so much daily it's completely impossible to keep up with the sheer volume of amazing images that come through.  I've started to try doing my own thing, and it's been hard but interesting and fulfilling , I bought a camera and a few filters, got myself a Ultralight backpack to go hunting for spots so I can be free and light for any situation, buying this bag It made me want to go out more and take advantage of the stories there is to tell.

I think the development of the medium as a story teller, and it's ability to tell as story through it's various means and genres in my own mind has been the key. You grow up, you take photos as well as feature in them, you look at them as lasting memories and moments in time that are frozen for prosperity and smiles. But as a story teller myself, really becoming aware of the facility to capture and tell a story in a single shot, a single moment in time is facinating to me, and my growth as a story teller feeds on the medium daily.

As said, the sheer volume of amazing photography that comes through the web is impossible to keep up with, but one man that has stood out for me, and acts as a continual inspiration in terms of highlighting the possibilities of the medium as well as generally coming across as supremely cool is Clayton Cubitt. His tumblr is full of all sorts of goodies on a daily basis and his portfolio site has a lot of his work as well.

Personally, the visceral nature of Clayton's images are amazing, and his facility to tell a story in one shot is what keeps drawing me back to his work.

Some of his work below, but be sure to follow his tumble blog as well as twitter.