Operation Concrete

"So another evening full of writing another evening of National Novel Writing Month has finished. There has been quite a bit of character development over the 1800 words I wrote last night. Putting me up to just under 6000 words in total, which is good and pretty much on scheduled, lots more to come tonight but just to give you a brief overview for now.

We have Push Burrows, the lead protagonist, he's developed by expanding his relationship with his military counter part in the book, Colonel Mann Michaels, quite heavily which is really cool to see play out. His relationship with his family is getting more attention as well, which is fun to explore.

I think the novel in general is going to have quite a Day After Tomorrow sort of epic world threatening scenario to it. The vampires, zombies and ghost which threaten to wipe out humanity are rampant throughout it and of course there's the GIA. The Ghost Intelligence Agency, a powerful governmental body, which refuses to listen to anything one of the best scientist in the word, Push Burrows has to say. So he has to combine with his military partner Colonel Mann Michaels to try and figure out what's going on, get the job done and to save the day.

So it's quite, quite Hollywood in many respects, it's very fast paced and it's proving to be a lot of fun. More this evening."


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