Operation Concrete

"So, another evening of writing and some more character and story development, all good. Our hero, Push Burrows, has taken further steps and so has his military side-kick / brother in arms Mann Michael's. It's a really cool development actually because Push has theorised that people are mutating into vampires because of the Mist. The Mist being that which protects them from the ghost threat which developed a couple of years ago when the Ghosts first started attacking.ripley

So, they're about to go over to Seattle and with a battalion of men, a Tactical Ghost Recation Unit, and try and find out what exactly is going on. Think 'Aliens' the movie type scenario, in that you have a group of extremely bad ass soldiers being directed by a Colonel and a civilian, Push, being the equivalent to Ripley in the movie. So I'm finding the whole thing very enjoyable.

What I would say the difference is between this novel and my previous novel, is how emotionally light this novel is. Concrete Operational was about discovering my own personal philosophies and self beliefs which at times was extremely difficult to write about, were as It Tastes Like Copper is proving to be very light hearted yet very fast paced. Like I said previously, very Hollywood in style, which I'm actually enjoying a lot at the moment. I was unsure how much I would enjoy National Novel Writing Month, taking a step outside of my normal writing arena, but it's proven to be extremely pleasurable. Now, 8000 words at the moment or just over so we'll see how we get on tonight, more tomorrow. Oh and PS, I still smell like bonfire this morning.

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