Operation Concrete

"The first seven days of National Novel Writing Month are over and I'm doing well, with just over 10,000 words in the last five days, which is really cool. It has been a little bit of a feat but I went in with a plan and I've been motivated to do it, so I'm not altogether surprised that I've managed to pull it off. I've got plenty of time to scheduled in for writing over the weekend, so, yeah, I should be coming down off the weekend on Sunday completely on schedule with 14,000 words in my pocket.

So now, slightly more character development in last nights words. It's been interesting because I had to be writing on a very scientific, military level in comparison to the writing that I've done before. So there's been lots of acronyms jingling out, names of guns, organising of military squadrons and battalions. All that sort of stuff, most of which I've never really delved into before. Now I know that a battalion of men can be between 300 and 1000. A squadron or a patrol is between 6 and 12 and a whole host of military rankings. All sorts of stuff, so it's been really interesting doing the research into that side of things and figuring out the role of the Mist Marines as I've called them. A bit of a cheesy name but quite cool I think.

i am legend

Right now, they have entered into Seattle and have come across those vampires for the first time, which has been fun writing, all the stuff about how they've been attacked and how they found some victims and building the tension. It's a little bit of Aliens come, I am Legend sort of military squad coming into a deserted city and being attacked by vampires in the Mist. No one really knowing what's going on, fully of suspense and panic. So it's been lots of fun. Really looking forward to getting on with it tomorrow. I was a little bit tired last night, as I was working on four hours sleep, but and I've got a few hours scheduled in for tonight and tomorrow and should be quite productive. So, I should be blogging about more progress over the weekend hopefully, thanks to SpinVox."

spoken through SpinVox

Side note - I just noticed how when I spoke spinvox it capitalised the right letters, nice touch guys ;)