Operation Concrete

"So last night was the first lull in a productivity really, I only managed to get a couple of hundred words done and make some notes. I'm only slightly disappointed as I was particularly tired and I wanted to get back to cook a meal for my very awesome girlfriend, but there you go I'm running slightly behind schedule on just over twenty thousand words. By the end of the week I really should be on twenty five thousand which is completely there in the realms of reality, but it's going to be a bit of a task. However the next five thousand words that I do have to write I am particularly excited about.

lego space marines

Now, I've finally got to the point where the show-down begins between the super creature, soldier, beast, killing machine, thing, Tokyo Collider, the super marines which have been genetically altered follow Tokyo for support, the Mist Marines and the Vampiric and Ghost threat. The good guys go into battle try and rescue as many civilians as they can across the whole of North America whilst battling Vampires and Ghosts. So, I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to write this massive nationwide war, but I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun and very science fictiony, very epic and very cool, and then soon the story will develop and we will have zombies in there as well. So everything's is looking up really. Little bit behind schedule but its not a problem."

Spoken through SpinVox