Operation Concrete

"So it's Monday morning and I've been very bad over the weekend which means now I'm drastically behind schedule, but I still believe that I can do this. The problem is trying to keep a social life and write a novel in a month is not an easy thing to do. I read some guides before I started, 1 point which really stood out was 'cut yourself off,' and considering I work from 9:00am til 6:00pm everyday the hours that I get at night, and at the weekend, have to be dedicated for the NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately I am quite a socially active guy and I'm, and I'm fortunate enough to say I have an awesome girlfriend, so this weekend has more or less been taken up by that, and a little bit of time away from the laptop, which I think my brain needed. I saw my pals band play on friday, watched movies on saturday and hungout and went to the Francis Bacon exhibition on sunday. All of which was awesome, the Fancis Bacon exhibition was particularly inspiring, but how art effects writing, well that's a different post all together.men in blue

As for the previous 2 weeks, it's been fairly intense but I've had this middle weekend off, and now it is going to have to start to get back to 'the serious' again. So, I haven't accumulated any more words over the weekend but I have made a few notes and I think I know how I'm going to end it now. I'm afraid to say the ending is going to be very tragic, and not in line with the Hollywood-esq story line that I have so far. Although, that may change at any minute. So, a hard week ahead. 30,000 words in 2 weeks in-fact. It's gonna be tough but I'm sure I can do it. Looking forward to it all the time. Very excited."

Spoken through SpinVox

ps - I shouted 'very excited' whilst walking to the tube, to some funny looks, to try and get an exclamation mark, alas, it didn't appear. Maybe louder tomorrow with more intent in my voice.