Operation Concrete

"So yesterday was a write off unfortunately. I think I ate something dodgy Monday evening and I've spent all of yesterday in between the bathroom and my own bed. So, I'm even further behind schedule now, but some good news, I managed to get a bit extra done on Monday evening before I went home. So, I'm going to have a marathon session tonight and hopefully try and get everything sorted out.

Progress wise, Monday night's writing saw the final stages of preparation before going into battle and the big climatic sort of mega war across the North American Continent takes place. Before that happens I decided to explore Push Burrows, and his family a little bit more. Why he does what he does, why he loves his family so much, that sort of thing.

I remember with Concrete Operational, I got it assessed by the Oxford Editors and the person who assessed it said, 'tell me why I should care about this character.' Now, with Push Burrows I've tried to do that. I've tried to give you a reason, as a reader, why you want to care about him and why you should want to carry on reading, to find out whether or not he saves his family in time. So, I'm going to explore that a little bit further tonight and then get really stuck into the battle / war and hopefully have about 4 or 5 hours writing time this evening. Which, hopefully will get my word count to about 32,000 words by the end of the week. Which leaves me 18,000 or so words to do in one week, the final week. So it's gonna be difficult but I'm still very excited by the whole thing. I'm loving the writing even though I've been falling behind schedule. It's a whole lot of fun you know. Got to keep on pushing."

Spoken through SpinVox