Operation Concrete

"So, another morning here in London follows another evening of NaNoWriMo. I feel a little bit weird walking to the tube in the mornings, which is where I'm doing these blogs from, and talking into my phone like I'm talking to a robot, which I essentially am. Luckily the little walk is quite quiet, I guess it's not as bad as walking down the street video blogging, and looking like a complete mental, no offence Rupert, I love what you do.

Anyway, progress wise, last night took me up to 25,000 words, which is awesome, but unfortunately still quite behind schedule. It dawned on me last night that I have completed 25,000 words in 20 days which leaves me 10 days to do another 25,000 words, which is slightly, slightly scary prospect to be honest. At the same time I think I just need to get on with things, keep my head down and get it done because, I've got this far and I'm not giving up.

In terms of the novel, last night the first incursion happened. Tokyo Collider got a little bit more of description and rounded off as a character and you could definitely see what sort of beast he is, or should I say, it is. It's about 30ft tall, muscley as hell and has a F16 20mm Vulcan canon, which fires 6000 rounds per minute and can level 2 square city blocks in under 5, attached to its right arm. He's marching into the Mist to take on vampires backed up by a platoon of marines and super soldiers. So, as you can imagine it's quite cool, and it's all a little bit scary. Well yeah, they've gone back to Manhattan Island and they've got a lot of shit to throw down and there's gonna be a lot of guts and a lot of blood spilled, but this is just a half way point so imagine what's coming next. That's right, Zombies and it's all gonna be getting even crazier as we go, awesome. I also think I've changed the ending again, so it's not going to be so morbid any more. In fact it's gonna be quite Hollywood-esq now."

Spoken through SpinVox

PS - D2, the computer / robot thing that Spinvox uses to turn speech into text, pushed 'NaNoWriMo' through to my blog as 'Nano Rino' which I think is awesome, and is a new character name for sure.