Operation Concrete

"So the last couple of days are here. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I've been slacking somewhat. Last night I went to Amplified 08, a groovy meeting of about 200 social media and new media guys. After which I came home thinking I'll grab some food and sit down with the laptop, however, I promptly fell asleep. So, last night was a write off unfortunately, which means I'm just over 35,000 words with 3 days to go. So, the weekend is going to be long and difficult but still totally doable.

I have developed the characters quite a bit over the last couple of thousand words, it's all getting very interesting. We're on the verge of seeing why the zombies come around. Now, the problem I'm facing at the moment is, how do I explain the existence of ghosts? People, you understand why the vampires are there, you understand why the zombies are there, you understand why the marines are there, you understand why Tokyo Collider has been created, but there is no real explanation of why the ghosts actually exist. The ghosts being pivatol is the whole point of the novel. So, I'm wondering do I finish the book with no explanation and leave it up to the reader to decide what they are, or do I hint at something, or do I give a full explanation? I'm not sure yet, but it's going to be interesting over the next 72 hours figuring all of that out and getting it down on paper, so to speak. I think 3,000 words tonight, 7,000 words Saturday, 5,000 words Sunday there, or thereabouts and I'll be able to post it and hand it in. Oh, it's going to be a long weekend."

Spoken through SpinVox