Operation Concrete

"So, we have a National Novel Writing Month winner! That's right, last night, by the skin of my teeth I managed to crawl over 50,000 words and enter them in to the thing that they have to count the words and they declared me a winner. So, after a very long weekend of lots of writing and lots of beer, and after a very long month of lots of writing and lots of beer, it has all pulled off. However, the story itself isn't finished yet. I think I'm going to need a couple of extra thousand words to really do it justice, as now I thought up the perfect ending and didn't want to rush it last night.

nanowrimo winner

The ending is going to be quite tragic but also cool as hell, and I'm going to do a big blog post about the experience of NaNoWriMo, the experience of blogging with SpinVox and whether or not I believe what I managed to write in 30 days is actually any good. I'm hoping to get a couple of people to look at my work to say whether or not you can write anything good in 30 days, of a reasonable size. Anyway, It's been an interesting experience. December is going to be a little bit quieter, hopefully, and I'm considering turning the novel into a screenplay, as I really think it could really work on the big screen, and I've wanted to write one for ages, so a decent little project during December before I get back to Concrete Operational."

Spoken through SpinVox