Operation Concrete

2009, the future, we’re here and I have a lot of plans. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I’ve been pretty busy. This post may ramble a bit and seem a bit self involved, but it’s about me consolidating my thoughts as much as it is about creating content for the blog.

So, first off, I have decided to rename the blog. Cementum – The creation of a novel is now dead, Cementum – The creative, is now alive, long may she live. What does this mean? Well, apart from needing a new set of Moo cards printing up, this means I’m now going to utilize this platform to express the exploration of all the creative mediums I want to try my hand at.

I wrote two novels in 2008. I worked two positions in lead management automation marketing and PR preaching the benefits of social media to companies from Disney to Nokia. I travelled to and dominated eight world cities, including Chicago, New York, London, Madrid, Venice, San Francisco, Brussels and Helsinki. I’ve built this blog up to have a small but perfectly formed set of readers. I broadened my skills extensively in a selection of disciplines from copywriting to creative thinking. I made a load of awesome new friends all over the place, through numerous different mediums. Oh, and my very awesome girlfriend has now put up with me for just over a year.

me in chicago

All so very awesome, but now I want things to get even better. I want to take it all to the next level, really turn up the heat, in my professional and personal life.

Professionally I’m set to do that, I work for a great online PR agency as their ‘social media geek’ and people trust and respect me, which is always a good thing. I’ve got so much opportunity with so many awesome clients to do some really cool things whilst surrounded by a great team, that I can’t afford to do anything other than grab it by the balls and shoot for the stars.

Personally, well, here we go; the list. This isn’t a list for this year, this is a list I want to tick things off from and add to over a number of years, indeed over a lifetime. I’m putting it down now and telling people about it now in order to make sure that in the future I know for certain I made that statement, the one that goes; ‘I will do this and nothing can possibly stop me’. They’re in rough order of preference, here and now is the starting point;

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  • I want to revise extensively my first novel, making it more approachable to the general reader. I want to edit it into a final product and have it professionally proofread.
  • I want to create an immersive media experience for Concrete Operational and I want to self publish it by September 2009.
  • To do this I want to work with five bands or musicians, I want to work with five artists of all ilk’s and I want to collaborate with them to create something awesome.
  • From my words I want to pull together a truly engaging package that people can take away and be absorbed by.
  • I want to launch this package at an event. During this event people can view the art and music live, alongside readings from the book and purchase the final product.
  • I want to create a sliding scale of products. Starting with something like a ‘Master package’ and going down to a ‘Basic package’. The ‘Master package’ should include all the music on an audio CD, postcard size images of the art. There’s a USB stick with the DRM free music, digital versions of the art, an eBook and a movie file of the novel’s trailer. There is also a hardback copy of the book. At the bottom we have a ‘Basic package’ which should include a source where you can get free downloadable versions of the novel, jpgs of the art and the music for everyone.
  • I want to work alongside awesome people to create something that people can look at, read and listen to, and have a very cool experience in doing so.
  • Once all this is achieved I aim to look into wider distribution and such, but I want to do this independently to start.
  • Finally, I will look back at my second novel and possibly start doing the same thing for that if my first attempt was successful. If it wasn’t then go at it again, and do it better.


  • I want to write screenplay and I want to look into how I might go about taking this screenplay to movie studios and people who may want to produce it. I feel I will utilize my second novel to do this, unless a better idea comes into my head in the mean time.
  • I want to write the script for a graphic novel / comic book series. In the ilk of Warren Ellis, I’d love to brainstorm with an artist an idea for a comic book series, like his Transmetropolitan, script it and produce it. I’m also open to the idea of writing the script for a graphic novel in a similar ilk to ‘s Watchmen, or From Hell.
  • I want to write a series of children’s books. I’ve already got a few ideas for this one. I want it to be aimed at a fairly young age group, probably from 5 to 7. I want about ten stories of fantasy and adventure with monsters and bravery and good times and bad times and illustrations. I want to produce these and look at distribution.
  • I want to write poetry more often. I want to write a poem a week and put it on my blog. I want to explore ideas and themes that would normally take thousands of words in novel or short story form, and boil them down to a few dozen that express my sentiment.


  • I want to learn to paint and produce a selection of paintings on a selection of themes that explore my ideas and thoughts, as my writing does. I want to develop a style from paints to canvas used and I want it to be recognisable. I want to hold an exhibition of the work I produce.
  • I want to learn more about photography and produce a series of images on subjects I enjoy, such as urban life and architecture. I want to upload these, and I want to print them and exhibit them.
  • I want to try my hand at drawing and inking a series of comic book strips. I want to explore quick themes and ideas that I think and feel during the everyday life cycle of living in a large metropolitan area.



  • I want to script and produce a short four minute trailer for my novel. I want to do this to the highest possible standard and include it in the media experience I want to create around the novel. I want to debut this at the event I want to host to launch the novel, music and art.
  • I want to write and produce a short film. Alongside writing a feature film screenplay, I want to write and actually film a short movie between 10 and 15 minutes. I want this to be as to as high a standard as I can possibly manage and look further at independent and signed distribution at the time.

Bootstrap Start-ups

  • I want to create a few bootstrap start ups. I want to monetize them and see how I go. I want to look into the possibility of a few partnerships on the ideas I have based around the current URLs that I own:
  1. www.dailyandnightly.com
  2. www.braincustard.com
  3. www.writing-places.com
  4. www.breadontoast.com
  5. www.cementum.co.uk


  • I want to go back and learn an instrument to a reasonable standard before starting to write music again. I want to explore whether I would like to make this a solo effort or try to start up a band of some sort. I want to record this music and perform it live. I want to sell some CD’s and do a few gigs.

shipping container house

Architecture & design

  • I want to learn the basics of architecture and design in order to produce drawings for my own house, inside and out. I want to look at the future possibility of building this house, with the help of others, and living in it.
  • I want to learn about clothing design and design a range of clothing. I want to decide on a series of prerequisites for clothing that I would like to wear and feel others would to. I want to produce this clothing and look into selling it in some form or another.


  • I want to learn about sculpture and I want to produce bronze statue. I want explore my ideas and thoughts, as I would with my writing or any other facet, but in 3D form. I want to successfully learn how to manipulate metals and stone to form the ideas that I have.
  • I want to produce a large scale diorama, possibly on a theme or scene from a novel that I love, or one of my own. I want to learn how to model and this form of still life in this medium.


  • I want to hold a miniature festival of some form in the future that combines all of these ambitions and brings together people of all creative worlds.

Web General

  • I want to turn Cementum into a creative hub to explore and talk about my success and failure in all of these projects alongside the ideas that I have. I want to talk and learn from others in all of these fields utilizing the social media to the best of my ability.
  • I want to look into the possibility of creating a small web-show, on the URL, cementum.tv, to talk about how I’ve done with all of these ideas.


  • I want to make a few people smile and I want to maintain and dominate. 2009 will be a good year, I’m going to work tirelessly and see what comes of it all.