Operation Concrete

So, on the back of my extended list of creative things I want to achieve, I’m going to start posting other aspects of what I get up to during the week, progress on projects, etc.

On Monday I went to an Eastside Books, critique workshop for writers. A good experience, Nikk, who runs the workshop's is a really nice guy, and we had about 10 people around the table. All actively writing, all interesting characters. We studied some poetry from one group memeber, I was introduced to Chaucerian English, and we went through a short story of another writer. I read next week, it's going to be interesting the feedback I get, the critique process of the class pulled both positive and negative. Interesting stuff, and will no doubt talk more on my experience of the workshop.

Secondly, I’ve been enjoying writing poetry for the last few weeks now, the one below is actually the oldest one I’ve done, and I recently revised after Claire from One Night Stanazas was kind enough to have a look at it.

I enjoy the medium, it’s a quick expression of what I’m feeling at that moment and time. I get to play with words, but don’t have to fret about convention too much as, as Claire said to me, poetry can be whatever you want it to be. So, I stick to a few basic rules and enjoy myself with it, and I plan on doing so in the future.

This is really just a vent at the modern day conceptions and misconceptions based around celebrity, popularity, money, fashion and such, it felt good to vent.

The Fatalist

Sophisticated people
With sophisticated lives
Champagne and caviar
Haute couture and show frocks
Busy and on the go
Grab it by the balls
And shake it about

Fine art and dinner parties
Show face
Trophy wife
Self made captain of industry
Strutting and smiling
All the money in the world
Attack from the inside
A giant for the gods
Cheese on tooth picks
Pre-cut tinned chucks
Of genetically altered pineapple

Braces and power ties
Masonic money clips
Outstanding views
Cuban heals
Friends in plastic
Door delivered sushi
Price wars in the dark
No guts no glory.

Enough is enough
Weeping at the conquering of all worlds

Push all time aside
Make deals
Golden doors
Red phones
Real money
The big time
Crush your enemies.

Where to stand?
Time to take sides as time takes no sides

Torn jeans and bad house whiskey
Cheap cigarettes
Bad fittings
Greasy hair
Deranged bohemia
No shame

Crazy hell bent
Drug addled
Big thinking
Small time no one
Internet celebrity
Big fish small pond
Factory line
Pre-proofed generic swine
Line the street
Smile like nobody
Packing chickens

Lack of knowledge
To take it all
Die alone