Operation Concrete

What we have here is an examination of my attempt at writing a novel. The books primary purpose from the beginning was an exercise in self-exploration, no real want or need to get it published. Just to look at my own personal beliefs, how they affect me and ultimately others around me, and as a personal challenge as well.

Though, after completing the first four chapters, reaching about 30k words and letting a few friends read through them, they came back to me with some extremely positive feedback. So, because of this, coupled with having no time to run any other blogs whilst I’m writing the book and work, and the taking some inspiration from Hugh Macleod and his seeming absolute belief in the power of the social media to gain attention, create conversation and promote creativity in oneself, I’ve decided to go ahead and blog about the experience, and help self-promote the book a little.

In short the book seeks to tackle the question: Given you had the choice, would you opt for freedom from responsibility or freedom of will? Would you go with a fate, causal determinism of sorts that allows you to be guilt free and give meaning to your decisions, or would you battle for freedom of will, freedom of choice, that you were in fact responsible for your actions, however unintelligible and random, but at least you were free, on at least some level, to choose? It revolves around this question in a sci-fi epic sort of nature, spanning time and space, characters and concepts, hopefully you’ll get a bit more of the gist as more posts are published, or read the About section for more info.

I hope you enjoy, I hope you can help, and I look forward to hearing feedback on snippets I’ll be putting up and conversation around ideas and concepts I have.

One other idea I’ve had, in an effort to become part of the community of aspiring novelists in the blogging world, is link to and write a sentence on one each time I post, this is called ‘The Aspirer’s Mark,’ I’ll also add the blog to my blogroll.

The first Aspirer’s Mark goes to Eliza from ‘tales of a fantasy scribbler’. 26 thousand words into her current project about; ‘a woman held as a political hostage in an underground, dystopian fantasy city,’ called Blue Crystal, I have to say the 13 word synopsis sounds pretty interesting to me, best of luck to her, I’ll be trying to keep up with the progress.