Operation Concrete

Last time I quickly looked at painting a person, creating a being, with words. I thought for this post I may as well look quickly at actually creating an environment, surroundings, a landscape in which to place that person. Speaking ...Read More

Those characters, the basic building blocks of the entire novel, creating them, painting a picture of them with words, making them your own and putting them in the heads of the readers, it's all important. Without the brilliant description the ...Read More

When I’m writing dozens and dozens of scenarios go through my head as to what character can do what, where and when, how it will connect with previous chapters, ideas and theories. There’s always the possibility of getting one little ...Read More

The second chapter of the book is basically one gigantic speech. Four thousand words of power, moving forward with speed, explaining the past, present and what a special group of people are due to achieve in the future. The only ...Read More

I was on twitter earlier on today and Folknology stated he’d recently updated his book shelf, and asked to see others, being at work I couldn’t get in front of the shelf, but I did have some of my latest ...Read More

Just a quick snippet tonight as I've not actually written any more words today, just gone over and over what I wrote for chapter five last night, still trying to make sense of it and where it's going. I've never written ...Read More

There’s probably no other more difficult subject for writing than that of your own personal beliefs. That is at least my own opinion. Some people of the more dogmatic persuasion may think otherwise, but me, well I gave up the ...Read More

What we have here is an examination of my attempt at writing a novel. The books primary purpose from the beginning was an exercise in self-exploration, no real want or need to get it published. Just to look at my ...Read More