Operation Concrete

On an instinctual level I like to believe books are there to raise questions, to grip you by the throat and make you challenge everything you every thought was right. They can make you surf an emotional tidal wave of ...Read More

“Why are we here? To have fun, or get the job done?” Approx quote – Hunter S Thompson – Fear and loathing in Las Vegas Well, as Dr Gonzo so infamously replied - 'To get the job done of course'. But still, ...Read More

I generally find inspiration in everything, literally everything. I guess you have to be like that when writing, take a look at an object or person, animal, anything, and take something from it, steal part of it for yourself. Always ...Read More

I'm extremely happy right now, I just broke 42k words. This basically marks the 3/5 point of the novel. It's probably just over half way, but not quite three quarters, that's why I went with that slightly odd fraction of ...Read More