Operation Concrete

Here it is, the fruits of my labour, for you to read and enjoy. Concrete Operational - Alpha v0.8 Germany Germany has been taken out of a world that feeds on the ignorance of its people. A world that is dominated ...Read More

To all those concerned, I DEFINITELY do not look like Rivers Cuomo. A little meme that seems to have kicked off by Johnathan Macdonald, Mr Whatley also taking part. Just a bit of fun, who do you definitely not look like? Read More

I thought, as I’ve been involved with the social media for almost a decade now on a personal level, and on a paid professional level for the last two years, I’d share my thoughts on how I’ve built this blog ...Read More

I think I mentioned in a previous post that, upon my decision to actively work towards getting my novel published, I would be consulting the Oxford Editors to get it assessed by a professional author. Well, a few days ago ...Read More