Operation Concrete

The Photography of Clayton Cubitt

My appreciation for photography grows almost daily, blogs like Booooooom and post sites like We heart it and push though so much daily it's completely impossible to keep up with the sheer volume of amazing images that come through.  I've ...Read More

Illustration, cross over, Olly Moss & Brandon Schaefer

Since starting the whole Operation Concrete project early last year and heading out on my search of a book designer have I had a growing interest in illustration, design and typography. I always had a bit of interest in the ...Read More

WTF is the deal with infographics?

Recently there's been a massive design trend for infographics, they've been popping up everywhere and anywhere, I jumped on Digg the other day and literally picked up about four in the space of as many minutes. The Oscars, Spring Break, ...Read More

The writing of Susannah Breslin

I came across Susannah's writing whilst she was still firmly in residence at her Reverse Cowgirl blog and was completely encapsulated by her 'Letters from Johns / Working girls' project. An idea that saw letters being sent to her from ...Read More

The installations of Chiharu Shiota

I was fortunate enough to make it to the amazing 'Walking In My Mind' exhibition last August at the South Bank Centre. I was completely blown away by the installations. Yayoi Kusama and Thomas Hirschhorn struck particular notes with me, ...Read More

Hiroyuki Hamada sculpture and art

I came across Hiroyuki Hamada's work the other day via Iso5050, then another one of my favourite installation art blogs, AcidoLatte covered his work, and the very next day Jeff Hamada from Booooooom posted an amazing interview he had performed ...Read More

Tavis Coburn Bafta Nominee illustrations

When I came into the office this very morning and fired up the old RSS feeds the splendor above sprang out at me and whistled awesomeness as it flooded into my eyes and I knew I had to post these ...Read More