Operation Concrete

richard galbraith I’m a 25 year old working as a digital creative, I look at strategies in and around it that concern word of mouth marketing, public relations, publicity, advertising, communications and conversation. In a nut shell I work with big brands to see how we can work with the social media and its participants to create conversation around their brand, product or franchise, it’s great. I've worked with everyone from Nokia and Universal Studios to Thomson Reuters and everyone in between.

I enjoy being as creative as I possibly can with my time. I have one eyebrow slightly higher than the other, you’d probably never tell.

I’m of Anglo-Celt (both Irish and Scottish) decent, which basically means I’m very pale, have a bad temperament when drunk and enjoy a good time. I did journalism at university, which I rocked. I'm a novelist and social media guy with lots of ideas. If you want to find me, look at my 'Where to find me' page. I sporadically update my old school journalism portfolio website: breadontoast.com and I have my self publishing / print on demand project at operationconcrete.com, I have recently established a micro-publishing-house with rawstonemedia.com

I hope you enjoy my writing, ideas and face.

Last updated - Jan 10 10