Operation Concrete

Operation : Concrete

I’ve been giving considerable amounts of thought to my application to the Arts Council for a grant, which aims to help my collaborative arts project around the self-publication of Concrete Operational. It’s using up a lot of brain time, ...Read More

Twitter (is my aeroplane)

I like pleasure spiked with pain and Twitter is my aeroplane It's my aeroplane Songbird sweet and sour Jane and Twitter is my aeroplane It's my aeroplane Pleasure spiked with pain That motherfucker's always spiked with pain With all the mainstream press Twitter has been getting lately and ...Read More

Photo #1 – London’s Southbank

Now I’ve got my new Nikon D40 SLR, I’m carrying on with expanding my efforts into other creative areas. The other night I went down to London’s Southbank, awesome place architecturally, especially, if like me, you’re into brutalism. I’ve uploaded some ...Read More

Poetry #1 – The Fatalist

So, on the back of my extended list of creative things I want to achieve, I’m going to start posting other aspects of what I get up to during the week, progress on projects, etc. On Monday I went to an ...Read More

2009: A year in domination.

2009, the future, we’re here and I have a lot of plans. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I’ve been pretty busy. This post may ramble a bit and seem a bit self involved, ...Read More

It Tastes Like Copper | Alpha v0.1

So, a little behind schedule, but hey, it's been a busy month with Christmas and all, and here it is, the first very rough edit; It Tastes Like Copper – Alpha V0.1 Synopsis: It’s been a few years now, a few long years ...Read More