Operation Concrete


Okay, a few things. This blog isn’t dead, I’ve just been very busy both with the day job and the project. I’ve been writing and making a lot of revisions to the novel with one hand, taking care of admin and packaging solutions and graphics design ideas and all sorts of stuff with the other. This has left me little time to blog in my evenings, and as a consequence I’ve let myself drop off.

Now, I didn’t want this blog to become a set of links, but in the mean time, before I start video blogging regularly about the project, I will be doing just that, and hopefully some other stuff in between. Basically, I’m going to be doing  a couple of things that needs to get done,  on the mean time, these 'Starred Inspiration,’ posts whenever I get the chance and in which, I will post a selection of links to things I like and have made me think during the previous week or two weeks or few days or whatever. As the theme of this blog is now the very board, 'Creativity' hopefully some of what I'll be spurging here will be of some use to the readers I get and anyone else who comes along.

Fortunately I have a most excellent job that allows me to be online all day, during the course of which I peek at my RSS feed and ‘star’ certain items in my Google reader to look over whenever I need inspiration. These are some of the things that inspire me and make me think and may give you ideas an inspiration as well.