Operation Concrete

Actual writing time for the novel totals almost 11 months now. There was a 12 month hiatus in the middle as I started my professional career in the world of social media and marketing, but, actual solid writing time, we’re talking about 11 months.

It has been a tricky road, and as I solidify my ending, baby steps towards the pinnacle of all this work and effort and time and blood and sweat and tears, it does hold its surprises. As I said when I started this blog, the novel was a point of self exploration, now; I’ve had to explore that concept over the course of this year as I told my peers about the novel and its process. I moved from pure self exploration, to promising my self I would push for it to get published, which in itself was a surprise.

I’ve loved every second and as my mind and body have developed and adapted and experienced over the last 10 months, I’ve also changed my ending. It’s the polar opposite of what it started out as, and I’m gratefully surprised. It’s a better ending, it’s fuller, it’s more believable, and it completes the character arch and makes the novel. It’s not given away until the very last second, I’m hoping it will drive the reader right to the vthe endery last sentence.

But the ending has and still continues to be the most difficult part of the novel I’ve experienced so far. I never quite knew how it was going to come because I had never quite settled my emotions, and which way the protagonist / antihero would go was a up to those very emotions. It has been the most volatile part of the writing process so far and although I’m not surprised at that, I’m not too much of a fan. I like a plan, I like knowing where I’m going and I don’t like unturned rocks. The last month and a bit whilst I’ve been really getting to grips with the bastard, have had lots of those said rocks, lots of shadows and suspicion and self-loathing and writhing and teeth grinding.

But I’ve got it, and now I just have to write the fucking thing. I’ll get it done though, I always do, to my personal deadline of 31st October 2008. Time is running out.

Though, that brings me on to the second subject of this post, NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. That’s one novel, of 55k words, in one month. It was actually a very cathartic find, it allowed me to settle some things in my head about the current novel whilst I concepted for what I might do for NaNoWriMo, and I’ve got an idea.

I’ve got hopea single thought that I quickly brought out of its shell and now, well, it’s fucking death on stilts with a machine gun. We’ve got ghosts, vampires, zombies and humans, all battling it out, in one prolonged struggle for survival. I want to explore the concepts of hope and perseverance, on all fronts, a sci-fi, fantasy epic with pain and suffering a plenty.

It might be a bit grandiose, firstly for my second attempt at a novel when I – hopefully – will have only just finished my first draft of my first, and secondly to get it done in a month. But I’ll give it a go, and I’m sure I’ll get there. 2k words a night, every night, for 30 days straight, that should just about do it, it’s going to melt my mind, but I’m sure it’ll be an amazing experience as well. So, anyone else reading, if you’re involved, my URL is here, and so add me as a friend or whatever so we can watch each others progress.

And see you on the other side.

This posts aspiring novelist is Caryn from Book Lady. An active writer, although never published as far as I can tell, she’s “currently hard at work submitting her third novel, revising her fourth, and writing her fifth” so a busy lady indeed. Her latest post explores how she can’t get into reading other novels whilst she’s in the process of revising her own. Whilst it’s not a problem I’ve yet had to battle, I can see how in the future, should I be revising my own, how another authors work would take second place, and come under the scrutiny you have got your mind set into, potentially ruining the reading experience. Included for your enjoyment are interviews, thoughts and loads of other stuff, enjoy and encourage.