Operation Concrete

The future (of advertising)

So, in a slight change of voice, I've had a bit of brainsplosion about advertising and marketing after coming across a fairly recent Fast Company article. Personally, I think of the digital landscape today as being completely pervasive; you probably do too. Your ...Read More

Elkay Properties & Bad Business

Right, this is a short and to the point blog post, it’s slightly off topic, granted, but I’ve had enough, as undoubtedly the vast majority of others who read this blog have, with fucking estate agents. The only reason I can ...Read More

I thought, as I’ve been involved with the social media for almost a decade now on a personal level, and on a paid professional level for the last two years, I’d share my thoughts on how I’ve built this blog ...Read More

Time for assessment I think. It’s been a few weeks since I last posted, in that time I’ve completed the first nine chapters, totaling 55,643 words. I’ve had it tidied up by an academic, sieving all the grammar and punctuation ...Read More