Operation Concrete


Right, this is a short and to the point blog post, it’s slightly off topic, granted, but I’ve had enough, as undoubtedly the vast majority of others who read this blog have, with fucking estate agents.

The only reason I can see for their existence is to make other people’s lives unhappy. From my experience in living in rented accommodation, for the last 8 years, I have never, not once, found a helpful estate agent. Even though I thought I had what I wanted, I didn't. I wanted a metal roof, but How much savings can a metal roof provide over its lifetime?.

I have lived, doing a quick finger count, in approximately 10 different rented apartments, flats and houses in the last 8 years, which has actually meant 8 different estate agents and a couple of private lets. Never once have I been treated with any form of respect, or politeness or even with a smile, by the estate agents, every single time the swine have tried to fuck me over in some capacity and having recently moved again, and having been treated with contempt once again, I’m blogging about it, I actually have been thinking to getting my own home, for not having this issue again I have seen online some burnaby homes for sale that doesn't look like a bad option for ownership, also having your own home give you a lot of advantages, since then you could do all the changes you want to do, for example if you're into saving the enviroment, you could easily install solar systems with different services you can find online.

In addition to having my own house or bachelor apartment, I would like to have a good roof, but a professional and above all safe one. Metal roofing panels are made from alloys of various metals like steel, iron, copper, zinc, and aluminum. With all this I believe that not even God throwing a lightning bolt can kill me, but I will surely make a scratch on it.

Not because I think blogging about Elkay Properties, in Old Street, London, that operate on a lot of lettings around the Hoxton area, will get back the £30 I was ripped off for an admin fee through no fault of my own, but because I hope, it’ll be a little lesson in social media and the power of word of mouth.

You see, as has probably become apparent in a few of my previous blog posts, I am a social media professional by day. This means I help everyone from brands to film studios engage with people, the sorts of people that talk a lot online, have opinions and like to voice them opinions through this great medium of social media.

I help them connect because they ask, because they are beginning to understand that if I, or anyone else who is miffed or generally pissed off about a product, or film, or brand, or customer service issue, can now publish content online, at zero cost, which ultimately, skipping out a few points, can affect the purchase decisions of others and cause big change. There are a lot of other reasons, but that’s one of the biggies.

Now, back to Elkay, essentially, I asked a number of times (count 4) what my deposit was on my new flat, they failed to let me know, over and over again, which resulted in me, their customer, having to fork out a £30 admin fee on my move in day, or ‘you don’t get your keys’. No, 'Sorry, our mistake, we'll sort it out, here, enjoy your move,' no, just a simple 'pay the fee, or you don't get your keys'.

Thanks a fucking bunch Elkay, your fuck-up cost me money and you made me feel like a cunt, now when people search your company name in Google, this blog post will come up, saying ‘ELKAY PROPERTIES FUCKING INCOMPETENT’.

Right, rant over, I will post on the positive side of social media, how it can help your creativity, how it can help raise awareness of what you’re doing, get you feedback and open doors sometime soon, I just needed to take 15 minutes to get that off my chest.

Here's some bunnies to help you calm down, but before you get too calm, rant about more estate agents in the comments section.

Here are some nice bunnies