Operation Concrete

When I’m writing dozens and dozens of scenarios go through my head as to what character can do what, where and when, how it will connect with previous chapters, ideas and theories. There’s always the possibility of getting one little line in here and there that puts a twist on something that was a single sentence 10 paragraphs ago and only the most observant reader will pick up on. I enjoy doing that.

What’s really great though is getting down that ‘perfect idea’ the one that you think will make the novel a 'cut above'. The,. ‘there are many like it, but this one is mine,’ idea that you think is completely unique, however foreign a concept that might be. I believe I’ve got a few here and there throughout the writing I’ve got, and possibly a few more to come, one idea that is really a running and central theme to the book is that of how the obsession with celebrity in today’s western society will perhaps have an uncontrollable impact on the world as we know it in the future.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Outstanding young man, and you see the evolution of that, how this concept, borne so true throughout the decades and centuries there after, has brought about the terrible pit of human waste that exists across the globe now. How these infectious ideals eroded a lust for all that is life and all that it is to achieve, to learn and to love, and turned it into a hunched half-breed of perpetual nothingness with a lust for something that doesn’t actually exist outside of concept tanks lead by transhumant Fasters. Granted, relative peace has been achieved between East and West, the unprecedented collapse of the major religions saw to that, and as faith was swapped for selfish lust, for undeserved notoriety, our lives changed, the world changed. Ultimately becoming something weaker, disemboweled and lifeless, and that is the reason why we moved to Micronesia, why this last outpost of sanity in a world rampant with self-obsessed madness, with this idea of Celebrity, is now our home.”

I’d be interested in hearing how people think up of their ideas, what they use as inspiration, how they close their mind off to the world and wonder around it’s innards as I tend to do.

Aspiriers Mark – Today’s goes to Thomas Stough, of (Worst) Writer. I enjoy his ‘something of a motto’ that simply states: Trying to fail better. Very cool. I personally enjoy the saying, ‘fail fast, fail often,’ which Thomas’ replicates, and sounds better as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, he has a number of chapters of previous novels on the blog, I’m not sure if he’s been published before, but it’s and interesting site and he likes a rant, so best of luck with future writing Thom!