Operation Concrete

On an instinctual level I like to believe books are there to raise questions, to grip you by the throat and make you challenge everything you every thought was right. They can make you surf an emotional tidal wave of epic proportions, bringing forward all the greatest horrors you had never even thought imaginable, and taking you to ecstatic levels of fiery passion. They do this by raising issues, the author finds something, analysis it and takes his own turn at vilifying it, justifying it, building on it, tearing it apart or simply shooting around it in an effort to keep you on the edge of a very annoying seat.

Of course not all books do this, but some of the best take issues of the day, or equally of the past or potential ones of the future and cause flickers of electricity between those clouded synapse'. Admittedly I've always been most interested in those of the future, the questions and issues that a lot of people discard as fiction, science fiction, but that's what I've always loved about them. The sheer scale of impossibility that they are belittled by, and some how imagining that man, in his eternal struggle against himself and nature, with his relentless spirit and fervours nature, will someday find the answers and create a happier place for everyone, for everything that exists.

Of course there's always a twist, but that's what makes the whole thing so much fun. I've taken a few things that have been both important to me, but also issues of the day, with my current writing. Discecting them as best I could, adding my own two cents and seeing what the grisly outcome has been.

On the whole I've enjoyed the experience, taking something that creates a fire inside me, twisting it, creating a future around it that I hate, more than anything, and then destroying it, bit by bit. Finding answers and reasons inside myself why I can't stand it and feel the incessant need to change it. And I hope, following on from my previous post, that combined with my want to get the thing published, if and when I do, I might even be able to change a few opinions along the way. You know, show others a vision, twist the life of a character around it, create an objective and get others to also believe in it. Now there's power. Is this what this thing is all about, a quest for power? The less said on that subject the better.

For this weeks Aspirers Mark; I came across Janets blog, Literally Speaking, through Twitter, her profile says she's a student journalist and aspiring novelist, sounds exactly like me 3 years ago, except, now I'm just an aspiring novelist. Her blog is much lighter in tone than some of the ones I've featured of late, which makes a nice change. Movies, life, books, literature, all that stuff in a nice little package. Definitely recommend consumption on a regular basis.