Operation Concrete

zepplinsNew year, new plans and all that - I thought I already did that post - and now for a little brain splurge from me to get some direction for all this, that is Cementum. Some quick thoughts to help ensure it doesn't drop of the page, as although the readership is small, it's there and I want to build on it! So:

Cementum - Iteration 1 - Past - Me talking about my experiences novel writing

Cementum - Iteration 2 - Present - Me talking about my own experiences on a creative journey with Operation Concrete

Cementum - Iteration 3 - Future - Me talking about my own on going creative journey with ditto and Rawstone Media as well as other peoples

Essentially, one of my favourite blogs online is that of Bobby Solomon, he's a creative designer dude and his blog, Kitsune Noir is full, like completely choc-a-block with awesomeness. His weekly / bi-monthly guest based 'desktop background' content is awesome, his mixtapes are usually worth a good listen and he find some of the best creative stuff online like sports betting games. I'm going to steal his model a little and start doing some similar things.

1 - I plan on stepping up the content, so it's no longer just about what I'm up to, but it's a lot about others as well, I feel with what I achieved with Operation Concrete next year, I've got a legitimate voice and opinion on creativity now, I'm credible (whatever that means) to a degree, so I'm going to talk about others

2 - I'll keep on about what I'm doing, when and where I get chance, things with Rawstone Media, I've got loads of short story and photography personal micro projects I want to get done and with other people

3 - Repeating content in the form of interviews and guest posts, I want to profile at least one creative person a week, and hopefully, have them answer the question, 'What does being creative mean to you?' Which hopefully will bring in some interesting answers and a nice catalogue of content that I might turn into a little book on the subject or something

That's it really, other people, me and repeating, and we'll see how things go from here.