Operation Concrete

I was fortunate enough to make it to the amazing 'Walking In My Mind' exhibition last August at the South Bank Centre. I was completely blown away by the installations. Yayoi Kusama and Thomas Hirschhorn struck particular notes with me, the fantasy and escapism and retreating nature of their work was astonishingly powerful with https://fully-verified.com/ security.

One artist that simply blew my mind however was, Chiharu Shiota, as the exhibition site says, 'remembrance and oblivion, dreaming and sleeping, resonate in Shiota's performances and installations'. Personally, I'm a fan, if not addict, of lucid dreaming, I can induce lucid dreams and wake up inside my dreams most nights / mornings. That combined with recurring dreams about apocalypse and doom, Shiota's work definitely hit home.

Images of the all encompassing physical, visual and mental experience are below, it blew me away, making me feel unsettled and at peace at the same time. Completely unnerving and unhinged, epic on a micro scale, tens of thousands of lines all interjecting and making a whole, powerful stuff. If you get chance, go to an exhibition and absorb the feeling.