Operation Concrete

I came across Hiroyuki Hamada's work the other day via Iso5050, then another one of my favourite installation art blogs, AcidoLatte covered his work, and the very next day Jeff Hamada from Booooooom posted an amazing interview he had performed with the artist a number of years ago, before Booooooom even existed!

I can see why people are taken by his creations, I'm particularly drawn to the switching surfaces of his pieces, between the drilled holes and completely smooth with interjecting lines. There is an immediate cross between modern space exploration equipment, some of the pieces look like they've fallen straight off the space shuttle, and the barnacle coated underneath of a sea faring vessle. I love the idea of space crustaceans collecting on the hulls of spaceships, which is what his work connotes to me.

Hiroyuki has his own blog where you can keep up to date with his latest pieces and exhibitions.