Operation Concrete

Recently there's been a massive design trend for infographics, they've been popping up everywhere and anywhere, I jumped on Digg the other day and literally picked up about four in the space of as many minutes. The Oscars, Spring Break, Curling, smoking, even an infographic blueprint.  I like them though, the conveyance of information in graphical form, easy to read statistics and data, quick to digest and you learn something, all are good in my book. There's the obvious thought that they're more popular than ever because people are more stupid, but on the other hand it could also be to do with the economy of attention and if you want to get something across to someone quickly, use a quick method.

So below is a gallery of some I've picked up on. My recent favourite that stood out by a mile was the one that Bobby at Kitsune Noir also enjoyed, and even Mr Ellis posted about it. As a medium, infographics are meant to tell you as much about the subject as quickly as possible, however, the subject of this particular one, the sailing stones of Death Valley, there's only so much information you can provide before you still have to question, just how does it happen? Interesting and entertaining and produced by Danny Jones of the great YASLY blog.