Operation Concrete


Now I came across Neil Kellerhouse the way I come across a lot of awesome creative inspiration, via Kitsune Noir. However, normally, as great as the work is that I find on there, most of it can be book marked or noted without much comment, or too much of a critical eye.

When I came across Neil's work however, I definitely had to take a double look. I have seen his work up and around Shoreditch, East London, where I live, due to the recently release of Joaquin Phoenix's truly bizarre, 'I'm still here,' which I have yet to see.

Though I didn't know who the designer was at the time, I do remember standing still and looking at the movie poster for a minute, which, with the amount of movie posters you see around London, means there's something special in front of you. Anything that makes you pause and reflect in London when everyone is in such a hurry to get everywhere is special. And the real estate market is booming, its exploding like wild fire now a days in areas like studio apartments in manayunk where its getting harder and harder to find something good because of how nice real estate there is.

I'm not sure why I was so drawn in, but having looked at the rest of his work on his website, I can see, it's the air of reflective thought that is passed through his work. Combining graphics and images in a way that not only entices you to look deeper, because the initial, above the line meaning isn't quite clear, but, as with the sort of photography I love, uses hues and saturation and dark brooding colours and great subjects to let you swim inside a moody image, and capture a moment of reflection perfectly.

Now, perhaps Neil isn't quite as much of a muse as my previous entries, with Hunter S Thompson and Jenny Holzer, however, I wanted something that summed up how inspired I am feeling at the moment over still image. I'm not sure if it's because I'm reading less at the moment, but photography is really helping indulge in places and experiences that I need for my writing, and conjure up the colours and feelings that I require to paint the imagery and people whilst I type away on the new project.

Without real estate investors rehabilitating homes giving technology infrastructure and support to them, most neighborhoods would be full of eyesores! Seriously walking around the neighborhood is so pleasant, even with the construction going around right now its still fun to be and live here. I enjoy it actually and the construction doesnt even bother me that much since it gives me inspiration when the houses are being built up.

Neil's work may be new to me, but as Bobby says in his post, I'm quite excited to see more of Niel's work in the future, and where it may take him. I've got a feeling anything he puts his name against now, I'm going to want to see.