Operation Concrete


Let me introduce you to the art of Jeremy Geddes. Similar to last week’s Neil Kellerhouse, Jeremy isn’t necessarily a life time inspiration in the way that someone of the stature that Jenny Holzer or Hunter S Thompson is, but nevertheless, his surrealist art certainly has had an impact on me, especially in regard to Concrete Operational.

I followed his series of Cosmonaut paintings very closely whilst he was experimenting with the form and pushing the results through his blog, I’ve actually been following his work for some time now via that outlet and I never cease to be amazed. I actually asked Jeremy if he would like to produce the cover to Conrete Operational in the very early days of the project, but he had to graciously decline.

Regardless, the serene stillness and bliss that I feel is encapsulated in his work is what really gets to me. The cosmonaut series just breathes with me, it’s perfect sci-fi, they’re a moment, a totally mystifying and questioning and bizarre and puzzling moment that makes the viewer sit, and for a split second, have absolutely zero idea of what is before them. How, why, who, what, where, when? All spring instantly, and to me that’s just amazing. That’s not to say that his other sets are any less incredible, just the cosmonaut ones really helped me with a vision of absolute stillness in a completely surreal and mystifying moment of perfection.

The prowess displayed in the compositions is also northing short of outstanding as well.  I would suggest buying his prints, reading his blog, or just sitting with the biggest screen you can find and absorbing some of his work.