Operation Concrete


Another week and another list of inspirational things, I've really not got the time right now to go through all of them one at a time, but to point out the particularly interesting ones, there is stuff about Pentagon black ops, Augstina Woodgates castles made from human hair and Las Vegas death-ray hotels, enjoy.

Sci-Fi-O-Rama - Pentagon black ops

Guardian Books - The fall of Dostoevsky

Book Worship - Elementary Nuclear Theory

Book Worship - Urban Life and Form

Booooooom - Augustina Woodgate

Tor - Stasis, a short film

Booooooom - Ted Vasin

Yimmy Yayo - Image

Tor - Richard Matheson

Casual Optimist - The revolution will not be tweeted

Matthew Sheret - Process

BldgBlog - Ermita

Katie West - Mindcraft mindfuck

BldgBlog - Las Vegas Death Ray