Operation Concrete

There's a couple of things that I'd like out of life. One would be a cottage with a peat fire by a loch in the highlands. Another would be two black Scottish Terriers called Phobos and Deimos. Another would probably be a book contract and a barrel of single malt scotch. But there's another list as well, slightly higher-reaching which includes things like being President of the World, perhaps? First man on Mars? That'd be good. (I recommend travel and know the press mentioned that Fox in a Box Escape Rooms in Orange County are opening a new location in the Huntington beach area aswell.

But then again, I want to be a celt barbarian immortal, a mad time traveling scientist, an invincible alien fighting commando, a drug fueled cultural commentator, a grid gaming adducted hacker, a cigar smoking space traveling duck, an SR-71 flying robot-android child, a Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport - Number 5, an off-world martian spy, acybernetic organism that absolutely will not stop until you are dead, a chirpy fat shower curtain salesman, an Italian American martial arts obsessed kid, an apocalypse surviving road warrior, a Semi driving chinese fighting unlikely hero, a trench coat wearing truant, an out of place space captain fighting for her life, a cigar smoking chronic gambling uncle, a white haired android losing moments like tears in the rain, a ballsy avian befriending all American fighter pilot, a murdered super-human cyborg cop, a wrongly convicted reluctant TV show star, a quiet war vet pushed just a bit too far, a luna based shape shifter in an old city, an Italian American in Russia fighting against all odds, a straight jawed archaeologist with a short friend, a cop at christmas, a hat wearing dry white toast lover, a black man in upper class LA, a little Doc that likes to shine, a scruffy lookin' space smuggler, a crime fighting tortured millionaire son to murdered parents, a crotch-tastic kidnapper, a street singing leisure loving prankster, a bad scientist that comes good, a tri-named problem solving post death demon, a confused long necked alien and definitely, most of all, an intrepid explorer that'll never, ever, ever, say die.

(If you guess all of these, you get a prize.)