Operation Concrete

"Another day in national novel writing month has gone and another set of words written. I was feeling quite tired last night but I managed to get about 1.5k words written which was quite good, but I feel these SpinVox update need to be a little bit more interesting on my progress. So, I'm just going to try and explore the character development a little bit more.

In Chapter 3, entitled 'It died already dead,' we have introduced a few new characters, two of which being Ivan Ruffshot and Kwalski. I haven't given Kwalski a first name yet, but these 2 guys are Mist Marines, essentially badasses. Funnily enough though, they're probably the two with most character background in the story so far. The lead protagonist, Push Burrows, and the Colonel have both been explored a little bit, but they've mainly been involved in a lot of action. As these two have been I introduced I have given them a bit of placement within the story, which is cool. Basically, it shows how they used to be very successful marines in the regular Marine Core and when the Ghost threat came, they lost family members and requested to be transferred to the North American Ghost Marine Core. They got there request fulfilled and now they're Mist Marines, but they were very angry and are very angry at how the humanity has had to essentially run away from the Ghosts and is constantly defending rather than attacking.

So, these guys are warriors, they're men of honour, they're not scientists. They get annoyed that the technology hasn't been developed to be able to destroy the Ghost threat effectively enough. They have to just defend against them constantly. So, that's quite interesting going into there background. I love the quote that describes them so well;

"Back, before the Ghost threat, when they weren't killing men, they were either drinking beer or practicing to beksinskikill men." - Richard Galbraith - It Tastes Like Copper

Now we've moved onto Chapter 4, named 'Its name is Tokyo Collider,' and it's gonna be a couple more characters introduced in this chapter and then one really cool thing which, I'm going to say it, will bring about the development of the Zombies in the novel. Which will eventually see ghosts, vampires, zombies and humans all battling it out. So, the next couple of chapters are gonna be super ace. I'm gonna get down to it tonight but it's getting very noisy here so I've gotta go."

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