Operation Concrete

"So, it happened last night, as I suspected it would. It's not the actual introductions of the zombies but the introduction of what is to be called 'Tokyo Collider'.

Now Tokyo Collider is a purpose bred super soldier in the vein of Master Chief in Halo. It has been created to eradicate the Ghost Threat basically, but has never been deployed, now everything is going mental, it's going to be utilised to take out the Vampiric Threat. So, from here we see Tokyo Collider try and take out the vampires. Tokyo Collider, by the way, is a 15 to 30 ft beast, not quite like Master Chief in that regard, Tokyo Collider is a bit of a monster. It's sent out with a battalion of super soldiers as well as a battalion of regular Mist-Marines for the fight and this is happening across the whole of North America.

zombie Now, this is where things go slightly awry because his genetically engineered blood is spilt, which has a viral effect, and starts turning people into zombies and reactivating dead people which have been killed by the Ghost Threat. So, as the story progresses things are getting more and more interesting and it's been a lot of fun to write so far. I must say, I'm really enjoying NaNoWriMo and just writing, rather than having to be so emotionally attached to what I'm putting out there, as I have been in the past. But anyway, the shit is really going to get thrown down very soon and it's going to be very cool.

I'm slightly behind schedule on only on 17,500 words. I probably should be on about 20,000 words by now but hopefully by the end of the week I'll be onto about 25,000 and half way there. Other than that I've been listening to lots of Metallica and a little bit of old school Pantera whilst this has been going on which has been keeping me pumped. So everything's going well, more tonight."

Spoken through SpinVox