Operation Concrete

I was on twitter earlier on today and Folknology stated he’d recently updated his book shelf, and asked to see others, being at work I couldn’t get in front of the shelf, but I did have some of my latest purchases in my other laptop bag.

New Books

The old adage that ‘writers read,’ bares so much truth I find. Whilst I’m reading my writing is a lot more fruitful and productive, the books above have been helping me out a lot recently with all the ideas of chapter five; death, fate, free will, sci-fi in general.

So what would you say helps you write? It really depends on the person. For some it's a change of scenery, or returning to the place where they can focus the most. For me, it's making sure I'm up to date on my workout. I wasn't too much into fitness, ever, but I did have to lose some weight. Finding success made me stick to it.  Read this article at https://10naturalhomeremedies.com/, and you will see good ways to make sure it goes your way.