Operation Concrete

clayton cubit image

So, I’ve been strapped to my desk for the last three weeks now, I’ve revised / rewritten 35,000 words, listened to a lot of Muse, and generally have come up with a very well rendered restructuring of the novel, and missed out on a lot of drinks with friends.

The cathartic process of releasing all my thoughts and ideas I had first time round is happening again and I am in one hand, more relaxed than I’ve ever been, and then on the other hand, extremely excited and vitriolic about the project and the ideas in the novel.

So, I’ve almost got the ‘first section’ done, seven chapters, it’ll come together on about 36k words, I think, maybe a bit less, depends on how much editing I do, but until that is done, there’s little time for anything else, I’m sneaking a quick blog post in at work right now. Friday night and I’m heading to my local haunt for three hours of writing before the lady turns up. Lots more content and less promises coming soon. In the mean time, things that have helped inspire me in recent days are below.