Operation Concrete

NEON & CONCRETE: The Mission Statement

NEON & CONCRETE - The Mission Statement: To provide a collaborative media project bringing together short stories based on neo-noir and existential aesthetics with inspiration from the art of 3D render community. I am a long-time believer in the power of collaborative media. No ...Read More

"So it's Monday morning and I've been very bad over the weekend which means now I'm drastically behind schedule, but I still believe that I can do this. The problem is trying to keep a social life and write a ...Read More

I'm extremely happy right now, I just broke 42k words. This basically marks the 3/5 point of the novel. It's probably just over half way, but not quite three quarters, that's why I went with that slightly odd fraction of ...Read More

Last time I quickly looked at painting a person, creating a being, with words. I thought for this post I may as well look quickly at actually creating an environment, surroundings, a landscape in which to place that person. Speaking ...Read More

Those characters, the basic building blocks of the entire novel, creating them, painting a picture of them with words, making them your own and putting them in the heads of the readers, it's all important. Without the brilliant description the ...Read More

The second chapter of the book is basically one gigantic speech. Four thousand words of power, moving forward with speed, explaining the past, present and what a special group of people are due to achieve in the future. The only ...Read More